3rd station - October 6 until November 19, 2020


The "Steppensteg", a viewing walkway made of steel and glass, highlights the space between the houses. Something that is always there, the familiar surroundings in the generous green space between the municipal buildings of the Schrödingerhof is questioned as to its self-evidence and its familiarity.

The Walkway serves as a meeting point, viewing and observation platform. For the residents* as well as for passers-by, the walk-in sculpture is a possibility to consciously observe the surrounding space and to focus on it. The artistic intervention and the accompanying program with a lot of presence on site can set an impulse for social interaction. Gabriele Sturm invites people to meet at the footbridge and traces the liveliness between the houses as a social network. The flora of the green space and its "inhabitants" will also be included in the social network and placed in the space as a possible CO HABITAT.

What can be perceived in the space between the houses? Our perception filters for identifying a place as landscape or green space are collectively shaped. Everyone sees only what he/she has learned to see.

A closer look opens up new perspectives; the unfamiliar, previously unregistered becomes perceptible. The artist invites us to perforate these filters in a collective process and to search for an extension in order to perceive the silent sensations in this living space between the houses.

As an instrument of perception, Gabriele Sturm encourages the senses to take their own senses as a benchmark "in operation", or to intensify them. Forms, color nuances, sounds, smells... Is there a scent beyond the menus that steam in different kitchens? In the green space between the houses, curry aroma may interweave with the scent of clover.
The fauna and flora, the social possibilities that characterize the space between the houses are made tangible as essential parts of the quality of life in a big city.

Die Fauna und Flora, die sozialen Möglichkeiten, die den Raum zwischen den Häusern auszeichnen, werden als wesentliche Teile der Lebensqualität in einer Großstadt erfahrbar gemacht.