1st station - September 9 until October 3, 2020

CO HABITAT as a habitat with species-rich vegetation
CO HABITAT as a possible format for public space

in the Kulturfabrik F 23: UN / PLANNED VEGETATION

In this project Gabriele Sturm stages unplanned vegetation. She presents these species-rich habitats as a possibility for public places - as co-habitat.

Unplanned plant (communities) emerge in temporarily existing areas of the city. Planned and planted vegetation receives a stationary allocation in our green spaces and gardens.

In the area of the Kulturfabrik F 23, newly planted islands of flowers, the project of the F23 "The Flowers", sprouted and blossomed this summer like unplanned flora lush side by side.

With actions, interventions, discussions and workshops, Gabriele Sturm will repeatedly subject her project "CO HABITAT as a habitat with species-rich vegetation, CO HABITAT as public space" to a new level of reflection and reposition these unplanned and temporary vegetation spaces with different discourses.